Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Work

I did another one of these more "imaginative" pieces. How wonderfully freeing it is to get away from reality and work on applying the medium to the paper and moving it across the surface. There's so much to learn simply by playing.

This piece is framed in a simple, elegant cherry frame and measures approx. 11.5 x 18". It's not on my website yet but will be in my next show at The Works Cafe in Portsmouth, scheduled for May 1-June 30, 2010. Cost is $165. Title is Green Forest 2, even though it now looks more brown to me. There is lots of an olive-green color in it. Click on it to view it large.

Better late than never....

Well, once again, I'm waaaaaayyyyy behind on posting to my blog!! Shameful. Good news is, I'm busy with art work. Commissions and commitments. Had a wonderful show and reception at the Provident Bank in Exeter last month. Getting ready for another show to start in May and run through July in Portsmouth at The Works Cafe.

So what's new? I'm taking private watercolor lessons. Here's an example of what style I'm working in. I'm letting go of the detail and focusing on creating something really artistic. The northern pintail duck actually has quite a detailed pattern on it's sides. I didn't want to be caught up in trying to replicate this intricate pattern. Rather, I wanted solely to focus on large areas of color, making sure that my overall shape of the duck is accurate, but the rest was given over to the brush and pigment. I REALLY like this and will continue to work towards being consistent.

I've been teaching a beginner's watercolor class and it's been a wonderful experience. Three students, all very serious about learning and fun people to be with!

I just sent out my spring newsletter. It contains some of the new stuff I'll be doing as of this spring, like a Coffee House series of classes. This is an opportunity to make time for practicing your sketching outdoors. It is instructional and partially non-committal on your part. You pay 20 bucks each time you attend one of these classes. I'll be offering them on Tuesday mornings and Saturday afternoons. I will have a lesson planned for each week. You let me know ahead of time if you'll be attending. You don't sign up for a length of classes, just one at a time. Each class is outdoors unless the weather is not cooperative. Each class is scheduled for three hours. Each week we meet at a different location, the subject of that week pretty much dictates where we go. At the end of two hours or so we head to the nearest coffee house for yummy treats and to either critique the work or continue with what was started outdoors. Sound fun? Let me know if you want to attend. I'll forward you the spring newsletter with all the information.