Monday, March 14, 2011

February Show Round Up

These six images are the paintings that were sold during my show at the Exeter Hospital in February.  The group of images includes the two that were stolen.  I consider them "sold" because someone who liked them took them; my loss was covered by the hospital.  Therefore, I was compensated.  Not the way one likes to be compensated, but from a business perspective, it fits.

There is still time to make a purchase that will raise 20% for the Beyond the Rainbow fund.  I am offereing to continue donating through the month of March, even though I have no obligation to do so.  Go to my Facebook page and check out the remaining images.!/pages/Birchtree-Studio/212049277860

January Journal

I'm doing this backwards.  January should have been posted first.  Oh well!  Here's my January journal painting.  I'm doing one of these each month as part of my watercolor studies.  I'll be creating March this week so look for that one to be posted pretty soon, too.  Enjoy!

Welcome Spring!

I know, it doesn't officially start for another week, but if you know what to look or listen for, much has been going on for the past month in the way of transition.  And it's really here!

Here is a two-page spread from one of my journals.  I'm doing one for each month.  January's will be posted following this one.  I'll be creating March's this week.

Spring Peepers!

I just heard the spring peepers for the first time this year!  Unbelievably loud voice for such a tiny little animal.  Here is a link to more information about these critters:  Check it out.