Monday, June 3, 2013

June 30/30 Postponed

I was planning to start another 30 Paintings in 30 Days yesterday but decided last minute that I should postpone it until July.  Took me awhile to realize I have waaaay too much going on this month: a high school graduate, two trips out of the country, finishing the initial drawings for the children's book and beginning an article for an art journal.

The children's book project is progressing nicely and will kick into a higher gear late summer and all through the fall.  The article I was asked to write is based on an abstract I submitted several years ago.  I had forgotten all about it when I was recently contacted and asked to write the full piece.  What an honor!  I must not loose the opportunity.  And, oh yeah, I was also contacted by an upscale  home furnishings/design gallery in South Carolina and asked to produce specific bird paintings for sale alongside their collections of furnishings and accessories.  Wow!  It's been a very interesting spring to say the least.

Certainly not least, my one and only child is graduating high school this month.  A very exciting time for my family!

Sooo, I have to get a handle on these newer projects before I can jump into an intense month of paintings.  Please stay tuned to my blog and my Facebook page for updates on all of this.  In the meantime, I'll be working in my sketchbook throughout the month and will post anything of interest.