Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My Kickstarter project is 106% funded as of this evening!  And we still have five days to go.  Now We are trying to reach our first stretch goal which is to reach $6000 by Friday. If we do, then we can create an audio book. If we reach our second stretch goal of $7500 by closing on May 5, we can create a website for the book with all sorts of cool features. So, to generate a little more interest and buzz around the project I will be posting the remaining pencil drawings, one each day, until we reach those goals. And I've added the finished painting of pp 3-4 here. If you have been procrastinating about pledging, don't wait any longer!

p. 3 The Worry Tree is Waiting ©2014 Sandy McDermott

p. 4 The Worry Tree is Waiting ©2014 Sandy McDermott

Pencil drawing of p. 5 The Worry Tree is Waiting ©2014 Sandy McDermott

Pencil drawing of p. 5 The Worry Tree is Waiting ©2014 Sandy McDermott

Friday, April 18, 2014

Announcing The Worry Tree is Waiting

I am proud to announce that, after 14 months of planning, meeting, researching, sketching and drawing, my children's book project has finally launched on!  You might already know that kickstarter is a crowd-source funding site for all sorts of creative projects that might otherwise never come to life.  Films, music, technology, services, books, and performance and visual art have all found their way to existence because of  I invite you to visit to view the project and, while you're there, take time to absorb the incredible variety of projects from creative thinkers.  Some will make your jaw drop.  Mine will make you smile, for sure.

Readers of all ages can visit the Great Garden where troubles are eased when placed on the branches of the Worry Tree.

Officially launched on March 28, the first four days drew in nearly 40% of pledges.  Way to kick off the project!  Today we are exactly three weeks in and have seen remarkable and sometimes poignant response.  Over 100 backers have brought in near 90% funding.  A new video was uploaded to the project page just this morning.  Take a moment to visit the page and see what this wonderful and necessary project is all about.  Below is the first completed illustration, pp 1-2:

pp 1-2 of The Worry Tree is Waiting © 2014 Sandy McDermott

Stay tuned for the unveiling of pp 3-4....