Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sneak a Peak.... children's book progresses

Storyboard is complete and approved
 Slowly making progress on this project.  The storyboard was quite a process.  I realize now how critical this phase is to developing the spirit of a story.
Page 1, full-size draft
 Taking a little thumbnail image to it's intended full size is no easy task.  There's a lot of research and prep work involved and these are not things I always enjoy doing.  But, with this type of subject, I couldn't move forward successfully without due diligence.
Page 2, full-size draft
Once I got my gears rolling I moved forward smoothly.  These two pages will need much more added to them.  A colleague in the industry of children's illustration advised that the art should contain more than what the text describes.  So, if the text mentions "a field of flowers", create a field overflowing with flowers!