Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hiking in Waterville Valley

I love this two-page spread of the view from Mt. Osceola.  It was a cloudy, cool day when I was there recently.  One comment from a friend was that I captured the temperature of the day.

This was a popular peak that day.  I was most certainly not alone at the top.  I hiked with six friends and four dogs who had all moved on to bag a second peak while I stayed back and sketched.  There was also what seemed to be two boy scout groups and many other pairs and groups of people of all ages hiking through, some from Tripoli Rd. and some from The Kancamagus.  I didn't mind; I don't much enjoy being alone in the woods.  My work drew a lot of attention from other hikers, which is always nice.

I really enjoy working in this horizontal sketchbook.  Landscapes work real well in it, especially from the tops of mountains.

This second sketch was done on a 10 x 10" Arches cold press block.  Also from the peak of Mt. Osceola, it's focus is Lake Winnipesaukee in the distance.

Looking forward to doing a lot more hiking and watercolor sketching from peaks this year!