Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Coffee House Series and a New Painting

This painting was just completed this morning. Your feedback is always welcome....indeed, important. It was done as part of the A Painting A Month Club. I missed participation through most of the summer, but am getting back into it now. Check it out....any and all painters are welcome to join in. There's a link to the left under My Favorite Links.

The topic for September's Coffee House Series will be SHAPES. I want to go back to some of the basics in drawing to refresh your memories and skills. A critical skill in sketching is the ability to turn everything into a shape. Stripping away detail and labels, one can look at the essence of the object. A good way of doing this is to visually break it down into shapes, like puzzle pieces that need to be put together. Let's begin with smaller objects, such as flowers or animals, and work our way up to larger objects like buildings and landscapes! I would like to visit Fuller Gardens in Rye, NH this month but welcome your input. Let me know ASAP if you plan to attend any of the September Coffee House Series classes by email.

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