Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Snowy owl on dune, PRNWR Jan. 2014.  WC sketch from personal photo.
For New Year's Day I went our birding early in the morning with a friend.  Unfortunately, our adventure was a quiet one.  I think we went out too early.  As the morning hours passed many more people were out birding and finding things.  One report of a prairie falcon on Plum Island  came in.  Despite our best effort, we weren't lucky enough to site it.

Conditions: 8-11am.  Bright sun, clear sky.  COLD, temps hovering in the teens.  And WINDY.

Location: Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Salisbury State Beach and Hampton State Beach

Tidbit: Snowy owls are not migratory but, rather, they are nomadic.


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