Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spetember 4, 2008

Hot and humid today. Late summer heat and bugs.

I'm real happy to report that I used my first day pretty wisely, I think. After getting a bunch of chores done, I did some correspondence to set up the first meeting with a very good friend, one who is to become my business mentor. In addition, I signed up for a business and networking workshop for artists and registered for a week-long painting workshop. Both events take place in October.

People have said to me in the past that I should avoid all chores on days when I'm working at home. Ignore the dirty dishes and the unmade beds. Instead, focus on the work at hand, the making of art. I used to believe that and practice it. But today I realized that getting a couple chores done this morning actually helped to unclutter my brain, thus, allowing me to focus on the work at hand. It felt good seeing that the dishes were done and the beds were made. I got it done pretty quickly, too. By 9am, I was ready to work.

After the chores and the correspondence, I made a point of going out to sketch. I chose a fitting location, a site that I used to pass on my way to "work". I would always note what a great spot it would be for sketching but never went there just to sketch. I went to a horse farm! It was hot and not much of a breeze was blowin'. My knowledge of horse anatomy is obviously lacking. Nonetheless, it was good practice. I spent about an hour in one spot, moved to the other end of the farm where I stayed for about a half-hour, and then drove to a second farm. The second farm has alpacas. Unfortunately, they were not visible from the road.

At both farms, I was parked alongside one edge of the property and sketched from this vantage point. Neither road was very busy and vehicles were very respectful of my position. Perhaps I'll muster up the courage to ask the property owners if I may come onto their property to sketch their farm animals one day.

I chose to work with just the pencil today. I think it's part of a warm-up, transitional thing, but I didn't want to get involved with paints or pens today. This is very new to me, spending the time to just sketch when I feel like it. My mind wanders onto things I'm feeling I should be doing, instead of just sketching. It might take me a little time to fully relax into this new phase.

Lastly, I created this blog today.