Friday, September 19, 2008

September 18, 2008

Good morning!

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! My good friend Jennifer Hogg invited me out to sketch with her on this sunny morning. We went to Swasey Parkway. A link to her blog is on the left of this page so check out what she created while we were out.

It was low tide so a number of bird species were about. I decided to use my pen today and work on blind contours. What first caught my attention were three great blue herons. In between watching and drawing them, there were plenty of gulls and a group of ducks to draw. I actually really like this page! It was quite fun, very relaxing and the contours are charming, I think.

Two business decision I made recently that I would like to share with you: My main focus from now on will be the Home & Garden Portraits. For a full description of how I think of this traditional form of painting can be found on my website, The other piece of focus will be Nature Note Cards. As my field sketches get better and better through practice, I am going to develope a line of Nature Note Cards. These will feature field sketches, done entirely in the field, along with observational notes. The inside will be blank.
I will continue to be available for all of the other services I offer but I will not be marketing them. If they come to me via verbal references, that's swell. But my business efforts will go towards the Home & Garden Portraits and, eventually, Nature Note Cards.

I have plenty of references for the Home & Garden Portraits and a healthy body of work to show potential clients. If you are considering such an item for yourself or as a gift for someone, let's talk!

Well, on to my work for the day...the second in a series of three home portraits for one client! Enjoy this wonderful weather we're having...cold and rain is sure to come all too soon!

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