Thursday, August 1, 2013

All done!

I successfully completed a second 30/30!  Yay for me!  What a wonderful exercise and meaningful challenge this event is.  The commitment to "practice" and what I learn from it is so valuable.  Like a photographer who might shoot 200 pictures at a single event and, of those 200 images, gets 25 outstanding ones, I, too end up with a similar scenario.  I am not in love with every painting I did this month but there is a higher percent of successful ones compared to when I last did this in January.

No delays.  Here are the remaining paintings completed.
Great Horned Owl 2    Drawn in pencil first then spent a bunch of time on the bars, patterns and colors.  Felt it was too tight overall so decided to try it again a different way.

Great Horned Owl 3    With this second painting I abandoned the pencil in favor of a looser approach.  Just the way I really enjoy working....drawing with the paint brush!  In the end, I love both pieces for very different reasons.

Manatee!    Not my usual subject, I know, but I wanted to create something for cousin Beth who has supplied me with many wonderful photographs of birds while on her vacation in Florida.  She LOVES manatees.  This one's for Beth if she chooses to accept it but she's got her eye on an earlier hummingbird and so will decide soon which one she wants.
Snowy Egret 3    Just had to do one more of this bird.  I love the loose style and the colors of this one.
The Facebook drawing for one of this month's paintings will take place tonight.  In the meantime, here are the paintings that are currently available (eliminating those that are heading to South Carolina):
Great Horned Owl 2
Great Horned Owl 3
Snowy Egret 3
Yellow Crowned Night Heron
Big Moth
Carolina Wren 2
Carolina Wren 3
Willet 2
Pelican Post
River Value Study
Way Up North
White Ibis March
Black-necked Stilt
Storm Over Chocorua

Let me know if any one of these is of interest to you!  You can purchase a painting unframed for $250 or framed for $395.  I now have my work framed in a beautiful reddish-brown frame with black trim at Four Sqaure Framing in Stratham, NH.  UV glass included.

Thank you for following along.    I'll continue to post as I create!

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