Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring is Most Definitely Here!

Some things I recently spotted through my daily travels:

3/21/10 First sighting of a red-winged blackbird. I know the males have been back since mid-February, but this was the first day I saw one.
3/24/10 Heard the spring peepers for the first time this season!
3/24/10 Saw the arrival of the kildeer! It was dark, around 8pm, over at the Philips Exeter Academy's fields. They wouldn't settle down, just kept on soaring low and making all sorts of noise.
3/28/10 Saw my first great blue heron of the season! I was at mile ten of a twelve-mile run. What a sight! It soared in gracefully to land in the marsh along the route150/route108 intersection in Exeter.
3/28/10 A flicker was calling from and hopping on a swamp maple tree across the street from my house.

Hope I see much more as spring unfolds!

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