Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Watercolor Homework!

Hello all! I'm finally getting around to doing my own watercolor homework after a very busy winter season of teaching and work with the art center. Above is one of my favorite homework results. This piece is just a practice piece but it is framed and will be featured in my upcoming show at The Works Cafe, 9 Congress Street in downtown Portsmouth, scheduled to run from May 3rd through July 31st.

I got out my big #16 brush and went to work. I am really enjoying working with this larger brush. It allows me to turn my attention away from specific details and towards the larger areas of color. It is these larger areas of color, or shapes, that I'm very interested in. Creating a sense of balance between shapes and values while still maintaining some sense of representation of the subject matter is what I'm after. Stripping away the details to create a piece of art with the fewest number of brush strokes, to me, is the essence of simplification.

What do you think?

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