Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Work

As part of my homework assignments from my instructor, I produced this painting. It's a Screech Owl. The initial sketch of the owl comes from my own sketchbook working from a live screech owl. Using a great amount of negative space and keeping the focal point way off-center, the composition is influenced by Japanese art. The image you see here is slightly cropped, as the full image is just a bit bigger than my scanner.

I first painted in the background with Cerulean Blue and Payne's Gray, varying the amount of each in different areas of the painting. Next I applied a pale yellow to the moon. Lastly, I painted in the owl, keeping shapes and forms simple. I love the facial disk and eye. Most of the painting was completed using a #16 brush, with a #12 used on the face of the owl.

I might try to create the painting a second time, putting in a few more branches along the left side. I'll post the two side-by-side when finished.

Screech Owl is 10.25 x 18.25" and is framed in an elegant cherry wood. $165. If you would like to see it up close visit my show at The Works Cafe at 9 Congress Street in Portsmouth, scheduled to begin May 3rd and running through July 31.

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