Wednesday, October 23, 2013

# 9 # 9 # 9

Egret Pond
Painting #9 is another egret, this one stalking a meal.  Once again, I love the looseness.  My intent was to capture a mood and a certain light, rather than the detailed specifics of a Great Egret and a pond.

It's been a little more challenging with this go-round of 30/30.  So, in an effort not to get stressed, I decided the goal would be to paint as much as I can over the next two-three months, right up through December.  Also, because so much of my painting has to be done at night, I am sort of handcuffed to painting in the studio using photographs.  But I'm getting tired of that format.  So, another change will be to paint as often as possible on sight, in fresh air.  Step away from the office during daylight hours.  Might be chilly at times.  Might be windy.  Might even snow.  There are ways around these things.  Let's see what I can do.

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