Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 30/30 Has Begun! Painting #1: Night View from Atop Mt. Chocorua

Standing Watch
Very excited to begin one more month of 30 paintings.  And this time a colleague is joining me!  Her name is Denise Takahashi.  We attended graduate school together and, although our styles and approaches are very different, our artistic paths since those blissful days in Santa Cruz share some similarities.

I started the 30/30 yesterday and got nearly two paintings done.  The second one will be posted later today after I tweak a couple things in it.  The title on this one is temporary, subject to change.  Any suggestions?

Looking forward to one more month filled with painting challenges.  Not sure I'll continue doing these in 2014; might be looking for another way to incorporate paintings regularly.  And find a venue to hold a show!

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robin peterson said...

Hey Sandy, so maybe next year we should get together and assign ourselves challenges, bet Denise would play!