Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Already Behind but Catching Up

Paintings three and four were just completed this evening.  Spent the past three days backpacking with full intention to paint on the trail.  Turned out the trail was much more challenging than expected.  I didn't have time to paint, only hike.  With 40lbs on my back.  For three days.

It was a wonderful weekend adventure!  And just what I needed to temper the anxiety I've been feeling lately.  So now I'm super pumped to really dig into my 30 paintings.  I'll be caught up by the end of the week.

Egret Profile
Egret Profile is a fun and very loose interpretation of a Great Egret.  Each time I do this kind of loose work I learn how to gain a little more control over the alchemy of pigment and water.

Hidden Egret
With Hidden Egret the intent was a little more representational.  However, if you look at both the background and the foreground there's quite a bit of soft edges and mixtures of pigment.

More paintings to come soon....

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