Friday, January 11, 2013

Kirkwood Day    8 x 8"    $125.00
Painting #9 is done.  Thanks to my boss, Scott Broughton, who provided an outstanding photo, I had the pleasure of painting this image of a ski slope in Tahoe.  I don't know what the altitude of this mountain is but I got the feeling it was really big.  I loved the giant cloud on the other side of the main peak and the shape of the dark, distant peak fits well.  Dotting the landscape were beautiful trees.  In the photo the slopes were covered with lots ski trails.  In my sketchbook I included these but decided that they broke up the white spaces too much so I got rid of them.
The palette for this painting was mainly ultramarine blue either straight up or mixed with prussian blue, manganese blue or payne's gray.  A little bit of yellow ochre was used on the tree in the foreground.
Two more paintings tomorrow....

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