Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ruby, Painting # 30

Ruby    8 x 8"    $125
Well, it's all over.  Thanks to the skillful photography of my father-in-law (Tom McDermott) and a suggestion from a cousin-in-law (thanks, Beth!), I chose another bird as my final piece for the 30/30 challenge.  I'm delighted to have completed more finished paintings in the first month of 2013 than I did in all of 2012.  I don't have a final count on all the bird paintings I did but I think I have a good start to a bird calendar!

It's been incredibly valuable to have participated in this event and I don't see myself stopping altogether.  Next up is a children's book I'll be working on.  Throughout that project I plan to keep up with these small paintings.  Maybe not one per day.  Maybe one per week.  A treat to look forward to.

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