Saturday, January 12, 2013

Painting #11 and I'm Caught Up!

American Avocet    8 x 8"    $125
This beautiful little bird is not a resident or even a visitor of the New England area.  Although there have been rare sightings, the American Avocet is a west coast bird.  Today I pulled out a bunch of animal photos from over the years and was pleasantly met with some forgotten resources.  When I was in grad school and living out west, I was always taking photos of the animals and plants I saw.

I reverted to the pencil with this painting, feeling the need to sketch out some shapes before painting.  Still, I kept the drawing phase quick and simple, only trying to ensure my shape was as accurate as possible.  Due to the color pattern on the bird, loosely blending pigment was not as applicable here as it was with the Great Blue Heron.  I think it still has a sense of loose rendering while staying true to certain characteristics of the species.  What do you think?

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